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GYFHA is a travel field hockey program for 3-8 graders from Greenwich and surrounding areas.   The program will be co-coordinated by two former junior National Team Members: Emily Townsend Prince and Jamie Brower.   Emily is a three time Princeton All-American with Ivy Honors and Jamie is a two time Penn State All-American with Big Ten Honors.  Both bring an incredible depth of knowledge to the game, but still, maintain their simple focus – spreading the love for the game. 
The GYFHA program will concentrate on teaching beginner and advanced skills in drills and game situations while fostering a love for the game.  Players will be encouraged, challenged and expected to work hard at both practice and in games.   Games will take place on weekends against other towns from the Fairfield County Field Hockey Association and practices will take place once a week at Greenwich Academy on what is considered the best turf for field hockey in the area. 
Jamie and Emily, along with their accomplished staff, will help each player grow by elevating their tactical and technical elements of field hockey.   We provide top notch coaching and pride ourselves on setting the bar high.  We do not feel productive if we do not see progress in your girls’ abilities.  A good day at the office is rewarded by participants’ hard work and determination, and we maintain those expectations throughout.
DATES: Wed Sept 10 – Sun Nov 9   8.5 weeks of hockey
PRACTICE : Wednesday @ Greenwich Academy
GAMES: Weekends Home and Away with FCFHA.COM
COST:    3-4 Graders  $150      5-8 Graders  $225
3rd and 4th Grade – This program will consist mostly of practices, with roughly 4 opportunities to play small-sided games against other towns.  Participants will learn the basic skills with an emphasis on passing and receiving and stick work/ball handling.  We will teach the basic rules of the game, but a lot of the learning at this point will be through a great deal of encouragement and positive reinforcement.  We realize the players are young and even need practice with listening skills.  So, even though we will always have fun, we expect each player to follow directions and focus on the task at hand.
5th and 6th Grade – This program is a step up from the ¾ grade and will compete in more games against other towns.  Participants will continue to improve their basic skills and comprehension of the game, but we will develop more strategy and tactical aspects of the game, such as individual and team defense, attacking with width, spreading the field, off-ball movement, communication, and free hit strategies. 
7th Grade – This team will begin to bond as they practice together and learn the latest in modern techniques and tactics.  This program will be more competitive as the participants are pushed to continue to improve their skills, but execute the skills and strategies at a higher speed.
8th Grade - This team will be expected to compete at a high level as they gear up for high school.    Everything they have learned in the previous years will hopefully come to fruition as they begin to master general passing and receiving and the tactical strategies of the game.  Special emphasis will be placed on developing the players’ field hockey IQ, which will set them apart from their opponents. 
Please let me know if you can volunteer.  Last year, we had a great group of parent volunteers, and I hope you guys all return!   A lot of other programs have parents who volunteer coach and they find it incredibly rewarding, especially in the younger age groups.  3/4 grade and 5/6 grade need a lot of bodies and general cheer leading, which I would love to get help with from you!  It is a great way to bond with your kiddies.  I still remember my mom coaching me, and I loved the comfort of having her there.   We have a lot of exciting things happening and I hope you will be a part of it. 
(914) 486-0061 CELL